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As a trusted dental clinic, U Dental considers it a duty to provide quality dental care with the complete information you can trust.


Everything you need for a well-functioning, healthy, and pleasant smile is offered at U Dental under one roof! Our dental team works tirelessly to provide top-notch dental services in Nepean. Whether you need a routine dental evaluation and general dentistry or plan your kid’s first dental visit, we can’t wait to have you at our dental office to offer the care you deserve.

As you discover more about our comprehensive dental care and our modern facility, you will recognize that our team can cater to your entire family’s dental needs, from kids and adults to the elderly. Quality and compassionate oral care are within your reach - give us a call to schedule your appointment.


U Dental is accepting new patients. Our dental team is pleased to provide one-on-one consultations for your dental concerns or treatments. We strongly suggest our patients talk to our dentist and seek complete information before deciding. 

Our precision cosmetic dental work presents you with many options to improve your smile. We have a commendable track record of providing patients with impressive smile makeovers.

An image of parents with their child, all smiling

Our general dental care includes routine dental evaluations, cleanings, and more. We focus on protecting your dental health and helping you maintain optimal oral hygiene.

A close up image of a man smiling

If you are concerned about bleeding or swollen gums, visit us in Nepean for top-notch periodontal treatment. We provide scaling and root planning and can treat periodontal diseases.

An image of a woman receving root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that helps relieve persistent dental pain and saves your teeth from the worst. Don’t delay the treatment if you have facial swelling or have constant pain.

Much like the word suggests, our preventive dental care protects you against dental problems and the consequences of poor oral hygiene. Trust us to help you keep a healthy mouth.

A close-up image of transparent Invisalign® aligner

Invisalign® is the ideal way to correct your misaligned teeth without going through the discomfort and embarrassment of teeth wrapped in metal wires. Invisalign® braces are invisible and comfortable.

A close-up image of a dental crown

Improve the appearance and function of your teeth with crowns and bridges. We provide customized prosthetic devices for a cracked or weak tooth and replace missing one or several teeth.

An image of a metal clasp holding an extracted tooth

From initial diagnosis to post-extraction care, U Dental makes dental extractions super safe and as comfortable as possible. We also offer options to replace the missing tooth and complete your smile.

A close-up image of a woman's mouth receiving dental check-up

We offer composite dental filling services to repair a damaged tooth. Our tooth-coloured fillings ensure a natural look and have top-quality endurance that lasts for many years.

An image showing dental implant treatment

If you have lost a tooth to a serious dental infection or an accident, dental implants are your opportunity to have a permanent new tooth and restore your mouth’s look.

An image of a woman experiencing excruciating tooth pain

Our dental clinic in Nepean is always open to attend to your serious dental problems that need urgent attention. If you have cracked or broken tooth, visit us without delay to have your tooth saved.


At U Dental, our general dentistry is designed to protect your smile and maintain good oral condition throughout your life. 

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