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Repair damaged teeth and close cracks with composite white fillings that look natural and offer many health benefits.

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Save a Damaged Tooth with Composite Dental Fillings in Nepean

When you need composite dental fillings in Nepean to repair a broken or cracked tooth, reach out to our dental team at U Dental. In fact, most people need tooth fillings done once in their lifetime. Our dentist often uses composite filling after cleaning up a tooth cavity to restore its strength and function. These fillings seal the gaps or pockets in your tooth where bacteria can enter and grow, thereby preventing further decay. 

Our dental office in Nepean provides complete care for your whole family and offers personalized dental treatments in a comfortable environment. We are welcoming new patients - please feel free to call us and schedule an appointment today.

White Fillings

White tooth-coloured fillings are used to fill cavities in the same way as traditional metal fillings. However, white fillings are much more natural-looking and less conspicuous than silver amalgam fillings and are made without the substance mercury.

At U Dental, we only use white and esthetically pleasing restorative material that is often composite resin and resin-modified glass ionomer restorative. We only select material that has been proven for its quality and endurance.

Benefits of Composite Dental Filling

Our dentist prefers composite dental fillings over silver amalgam fillings (containing mercury) for a number of benefits for patients.


  • In addition to sealing gaps, composite materials also help restore and strengthen your natural teeth. On the other hand, silver fillings are not only toxic because of mercury and weaken the tooth as the metal is bound to expand and contract due to fluctuations in temperature. As a result, there arises the risk of tooth breakage.

  • Composite fillings are suitable for even the smallest and narrowest cracks and gaps. Hence, the dentist doesn't need to remove a considerable part of your natural tooth structure when preparing the tooth for fillings. Silver fillings require the dentist to significantly widen the hole to add the silver filling.

  • White fillings blend in with the appearance and health of your natural teeth, whereas silver filling is more noticeable due to their dark colour.

  • Patients receiving composite fillings experience very little post-treatment pain and sensitivity than those receiving silver fillings.

Dental Implants

Embarrassed by gaps left due to lost teeth? Achieve a complete and comfortable smile with dental implants.