Invisalign® for Perfect Smile

Get straight teeth without wearing traditional braces. Invisalign® invisible aligners are the perfect solution to get a straighter smile.

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Straighten Your Teeth, Get Your Invisalign® in Nepean

Do you want to straighten your teeth but don’t like the idea of ugly metal braces? Clear and discreet orthodontics aligners like Invisalign® in Nepean are a better alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign® is subtle and comfortable to wear as it doesn't use any metal wires or brackets, making it virtually invisible in the wearer’s mouth. 

U Dental provides one-on-one consultations for invisible Invisalign® and can help you consider its advantages. Our dentist works with each individual to customize Invisalign® aligners that help correct teeth alignment and shape the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Call us to make an appointment and get your Invisalign® teeth alignment treatment today.

What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is an innovative alternative to metal braces. The treatment requires wearing Invisalign®, which are clear plastic aligners, over your natural teeth to gently correct their alignment over time.

Invisalign® is removable and allows proper chewing and teeth cleaning. However, the dentist recommends that you wear them for at least 20 hours every day for the best results. Hence, when you are not eating or brushing, the aligners must remain in your mouth.

There are many reasons why our dentist and patients prefer Invisalign® over traditional metal braces:

Invisibility - you are saved from the embarrassment of showing a mouthful of metal.

Comfort - the smooth plastic of Invisalign® reduces the risk of irritation that is often caused when wearing metal braces.

Convenience - you enjoy the flexibility of taking off aligners when eating, brushing and flossing.

Timing - consistent Invisalign treatments are shown to provide results 50% faster than other orthodontic techniques.

How Can Invisalign® Help Me?

Invisalign® aligners are proven to correct mild to moderate cases of dental misalignments. They can help you with:


  • Crowded or crooked teeth

  • Teeth misalignment after braces

  • Spaces between teeth

  • Rotated teeth

If our dentist sees a major alignment and orthodontic problem, a different course of action may be suggested to you. 

Crowns and Bridges

Have your missing teeth replaced right away before it impacts the alignment of other teeth.