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Professional root canal therapy done timely by our dentist can save your tooth and help avoid extraction.

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Dependable Root Canal Treatment in Nepean

Unexplainable and extreme tooth pain is often a sign that you live with a decaying or infected tooth. However, all hope is not lost with root canal therapy that can remove the infection, clean up the cavities, seal them with dental fillings, and save the tooth. At U Dental, we offer dependable root canal treatment in Nepean to protect and restore the quality of teeth.

Our dental clinic in Nepean has the modern technology to enable our dentist to provide root canal treatment in the shortest appointment, ensuring your comfort all the while. Our initial consultations focus on empowering the patient with the right knowledge about the root canal procedures that allow you to sit on our dental chair with more confidence. If you notice signs of tooth infection or decay, we encourage you to call us and schedule your consultation for a dental exam today.

What Is a Root Canal? Why Is It Necessary?

Root canal therapy primarily involves cleaning the pockets or cavities of bacterial infection in a tooth. Our Nepean dentist starts the procedure by giving you an anesthetic shot to numb the tissues and pain. Using our latest tools and technology, we drill into the tooth and remove the affected tissues. The openings in the tooth are sealed using a filling and crown.

Your dentist will recommend a root canal when the pulp of the problem tooth gets severely infected. This often results from openings formed in the tooth due to a chip or multiple fillings. This gives food and bacteria a passage to enter and lodge in the softer center of the tooth. The tooth eventually gets infected with pus accumulation that becomes a threat to other teeth as well as nearby jaw and gums.

What Should You Do?

When it comes to treatments, preventative care is better than cure. You can avoid tooth infection by following correct hygiene and ensuring proper teeth protection. This is the best way to prevent the formation of abscess and the time, pain, and money invested in treating it.

However, if you suspect a tooth infection or decay, our experienced dentist welcomes you for a dental examination where we can diagnose the infection and the area impacted and treat the problem with a root canal if absolutely necessary. You can trust our dentist to always put your comfort first and do the best to minimize pain and guide you towards achieving better dental health. 

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